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                                                   Couldn't Put it Down

"The Lion Communique is a great collection of new short stories by Jim Cherry. Jim's clever writings of vivid and articulate details, places you right in the middle of each and every story. From the rushing tatanka herds to the sweltering heat of the jungle. You will feel the conflict of good versus evil. A great weekend read- you will find yourself reading these stories over and over, and seeing something different each time. The Lion Communique is not to be missed, and Jim Cherry's writing does not disappoint." Roi, Barnes and Noble review.

                                       The Ceremony is About to Begin

"The Lion Communique is a captivating collection of short stories that takes readers on a remarkable journey through various historical eras, ranging from the aftermath of the American Civil War to the World Wars, Vietnam, and the modern day. Author Jim Cherry's ability to seamlessly transition between genres, from chilling ghost stories to riveting extraterrestrial science fiction, is truly commendable. With a few stories that blur the lines between fiction and reality, Cherry's work bears a striking resemblance to the great works of Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, H. G. Wells, and Rod Serling.

Cherry's skill as a storyteller shines through as he expertly navigates the unknown, crafting a tapestry of disparate tales, each with its own unique takeaway. One of the standout features of this collection is Cherry's ability to transport readers to different periods in history, immersing them in the intricacies and nuances of each era. His attention to detail is exceptional.

One particularly intriguing aspect of The Lion Communique is Cherry's historical reimagining of Jim Morrison's time in the desert before The Doors ever recorded their first album. By blending fact and fiction, Cherry creates an alternative reality that sparks the imagination and offers a fresh perspective on a beloved cultural icon. This story, like the others in the collection, demonstrates the author's deep understanding of his subjects and his ability to breathe new life into historical events.

The strength of Cherry's writing lies not only in his storytelling prowess but also in his ability to evoke a range of emotions within his readers. From spine-tingling moments of suspense to heartwarming instances of human connection, each story is crafted with care, ensuring that readers become fully invested in the characters and their experiences. The author's attention to character development is evident throughout the collection, allowing readers to form deep connections with the protagonists and experience their triumphs and tragedies.

The Lion Communique is a true testament to Jim Cherry's talent as a writer. It is a collection that delights, surprises, and provokes thought. This book is a must-read for anyone who appreciates well-crafted stories that span time and genre, leaving a lasting impact on the reader's imagination. Jim Cherry has undoubtedly carved a place for himself among the greats of speculative fiction, and The Lion Communique is a testament to his literary prowess." Bradley Netherton, host of Opening The Doors podcast.

                      Seamlessly Blends Elements of Horror and Historical Fiction

"Jim Cherry's ability to capture the essence of these diverse settings is commendable. He effortlessly transports readers into the mind of iconic musician Jim Morrison as he ventures through the wild, untamed realms of shamans and psychedelic experiences. The vivid imagery and introspective exploration of Morrison's character add a layer of complexity to the narrative, blurring the boundaries between reality and the ethereal.

One of the highlights of this collection is Cherry's portrayal of General William Tecumseh Sherman, a figure known for his role in the American Civil War. Cherry skillfully delves into Sherman's psyche, unraveling the complexities of a man caught between duty and morality. The story becomes a captivating character study, exposing the human struggles that lie beneath the surface of historical figures.

The author's exploration of mysterious forces at play in the trenches of World War I adds an intriguing supernatural element to the collection. Cherry seamlessly blends elements of horror and historical fiction, creating an eerie and thought-provoking atmosphere that lingers long after the stories are finished.

The Lion Communique also delves into the realm of southern gothic and noir, capturing the essence of these genres with dark undertones, complex family dynamics, and tales of personal redemption. Cherry's prose is evocative, painting vivid portraits of haunted characters and the ghosts of their pasts. The stories explore the intricate webs of human relationships, exposing the tensions and conflicts that arise within families and the lasting impact of our personal histories.

In this collection, Jim Cherry displays a mastery of storytelling and an ability to create captivating and multi-layered narratives. The Lion Communique is a testament to his skill in crafting stories that transcend the boundaries of genre and delve into the depths of human nature. It is a thought-provoking and immersive reading experience that will leave readers contemplating the eternal struggle between good and evil long after they turn the final page." Chris Roy, Amazon Review.

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