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Writing under the influence of Rock n' Roll!
The Lion Communique cover

The Lion Communique

The Battlefield isn't the only place wars are fought!
The Lion Communique are thirteen darkly wound stories that examine the struggle between good and evil from multiple perspectives. Jim Morrison in the wilderness of Shamans and psychedelics, capturing the soul of General Sherman, mysterious forces at play in the trenches of WWI, southern gothic/noir, families at war, and the ghosts of our pasts that we carry with us, and the hope of redemption.
My Story

I grew up in Chicago in the 60's. It was a time of cool, blue splash-downs and revolution was in the air. Although, I missed out on all the cool things. I spent my time reading my grandmother’s collection of first editions of Twain, Dickens, Conrad, Conan-Doyle and having backyard adventures of my own. At 12 I decided I wanted to be a writer. In college I went to school for filmmaking but realized it was just an excuse to write. In my 20's I sought out experience and adventures, I’ve lived in Los Angeles, visited New Orleans, Mexico, France, and Germany, usually when I didn’t have the money. All the while writing. I’ve written the novels Becoming Angel, The Last Stage, a book of short stories, Stranger Souls, and I did some time as a rock journalist which resulted in the compilation of articles The Doors Examined. If you want to know more about me, you can find me in-between the lines of my stories.

My Books

The Lion Communique

The Last Stage

The Doors Examined

My Books

Novelist Jim Cherry gets high marks for clarity--it’s immediately obvious that his The Last Stage aims for the transformative Dionysian magic embodied by Doors singer Jim Morrison

Levi Asher,

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